Multiple Computers Folder Sync Online or Offline:

Office AnyWhere Computer Folder Sync, offers syncing (“Folder Mirroring between multiple computers”) shared folders that streamline team collaboration or easy computer file sharing by saving it on one computer it automatically saves it on your other computers if you choose to from devices including Mac and PC, iPhone, iPad and Android.

  • Easy setup on Mac or PC for you or your whole team.
  • Automatically syncs all computer as soon as a file changes or is created.
  • Offsite backup to secure military grade AES-256 encryption Redundant LiveDrive Datacenters.
  • Mobile access from more than 800 devices including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad, with patented rendering technology to view files locally in seconds.
  • Adjust backup speed by time of day to maximize performance.
  • Familiar file formats (Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® PowerPoint and Word, etc.)

Active Backup:

Relax. Have “peace of mind” with continuous backup and version control. Active Backup means no waiting when you need to restore your files.

  • Easy setup on Mac or PC for you or your whole team.
  • Automatically backs up as soon as a file changes.
  • Offsite backup to secure military grade AES-256 encryption Redundant LiveDrive Datacenters.
  • Adjust backup speed by time of day to maximize performance.
  • Restore any version of a file, even deleted files.

Always Available:

Your files are securely accessible even if the host computer is offline or turned off. Quickly view documents, pictures, and video on desktop, laptop, netbook, or mobile phone without waiting for a file download.

  • Works with any modern computer or mobile browser.
  • Native application for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users.
  • Take action on any document with fax, print, or email forward.
  • Video streaming support for popular multimedia phones.
  • Worldwide teams can collaborate on projects anytime.


Nobody works alone. Setup teams of contributors and guests to easily work together. Use your mobile phone when away from your desk.

  • Complete document discussion and change history maintained.
  • Filter views for changes by person, project, or type of action.
  • Monitor and control access with instant notification of changes.
  • Easily manage users centrally, adjust as team changes.
  • Cloud Drive offers natural workflow integration.


Enjoy simple distribution of your presentations, documents, or videos. Secure password protected links eliminate large file attachments and network bottlenecks.

  • Documents and videos automatically convert for optimal viewing.
  • Complete control over user access.
  • Instant notification of updates for team members or guests.
  • View with browsers of most mobile phones.
  • Special viewer for photos and videos.


Experience the higher productivity of Online Projects. Stop juggling files from different folders, different computers, and different people. Share with team members or guests using secure links.

  • Keep related files and folders in one common area, online, all the time.
  • Automatic notification of changes via email or SMS.
  • Version control assures that you never lose an edit.
  • Email or upload files into your projects.
  • Cloud Drive treats online projects like local folders.

Cloud Drive:

Collaborative Editing: Allows you to move files from any computer to the Cloud Drive and that automatically updates the computer you want the file on.

  • Integrated with desktop. Projects and Computers are directly integrated with the Explorer - both Windows and Mac the Office Anywhere cloud is mapped as a local drive.
  • Collaborative document editing. Any document stored in a project can be edited by anybody who has permission to do so.
  • Nothing new to learn. Works directly with the office applications that the user is already using (must support the WebDAV standard).


Office Anywhere operates multiple datacenters around the world. These data centers are SAS (Statement on Auditing Standards) 70 compliant, meaning that they meet the stringent requirements for audits that examines and tests the characteristics of internal controls for service organizations.

  • In layman's terms this means that physical access is restricted and monitored 24 x 7.
  • Your connections with a web browser employs 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.
  • The desktop software utilizes a 168-bit SSL when communication with the Office Anywhere service.
  • The desktop software can only transmit information in encrypted format that is beyond the standard set forth for most financial institutions.
  • Furthermore, the agent can only talk to a specific server and only after the proper username and password authentications are verified.
  • World class data centers are under 24 x 7 monitoring and hardened against hacking attempts and any kind of unauthorized access.
  • Servers have redundant disc arrays with redundant power supplies and battery backup which effectively eliminates downtime.
  • All Office Anywhere policies and terms of use are regularly reviewed by experts in the privacy policy field.
  • Office Anywhere is used as the backend for deployed services from major telecommunications companies, IT and web professionals, and even major network infrastructure companies.
  • Our data center and our practices are regularly reviewed with our partners and we understand that we have to continue to earn your trust every day and we will!

For Pricing: Call  Phil Mann:  Office – 619.713.2560 / Mobile – 619.567.3634